Temper tantrums and timeouts

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography, Unsplash Temper-tantrums Children have tantrums for many reasons. Some are demands for attention, others are out of frustration, anger, or protest. Tantrums can increase in times of stress or change. Typically between tantrums children’s behavior should return to normal.   Signs of tantrums that may need attention are if …

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Parenting a child with gender-identity concerns

Children who identify with a gender other than that assigned at birth in the past perhaps struggled in isolation until reaching adulthood. Today children can simply turn on the TV or pick up a paper and see people with a variety of gender identities. As a pediatrician, I have had parents call as their children …

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Motivating patients to change

Meeting patients where they are to motivate change – Motivational interviewing Often as part of a well-child check with a teenager we discuss risky behaviors such as unsafe sex or drug or alcohol use. It is important to discuss these topics in a way that helps the teen make healthy choices without being preachy. It’s …

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