Migraines – Relief is available!

Photo by Vinicius Amano on Unsplash Some parents, even those with migraines themselves, are surprised that children also suffer from this condition. As in adults, it is more common in females and often more common after menses start but younger children and males can also suffer from a migraine. How is a migraine different from a regular headache? …

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One month handout

Photo by Unsplash by Ferenc Horvath FEEDING         Feed your baby only when hungry.  Avoid propping the bottle or over-feeding.         Breast milk and iron-fortified formulas are 100% nutrition for babies until 4-6 months of age. Babies don’t need extra water or juice.         Honey should be avoided before one year due to a risk of botulism.         Babies …

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Temper tantrums and timeouts

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography, Unsplash Temper-tantrums Children have tantrums for many reasons. Some are demands for attention, others are out of frustration, anger, or protest. Tantrums can increase in times of stress or change. Typically between tantrums children’s behavior should return to normal.   Signs of tantrums that may need attention are if …

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