Nutrition part 3: Creating a healthy colorful dinner plate and staying on budget

What should my child's meals consist of ?

Here are some tips on how to provide a balanced healthy meal. Below is a abbreviated list.
  • a variety of colors of fruits and veggies
  • whole grains and minimally processed foods
  • plant-based proteins and limited processed meats
  • healthy oils
  • dairy
  • plenty of water

Kid-friendly tips for including more fruits and veggies in your meals. Here's another handout on adding more veggies to your meals.

How to shop healthy and on a budget. Here's another handout on eating healthy on a budget.

  • buy in season
  • stock up and save - buy in bulk
  • read labels
  • plan, plan, plan
  • check sales and coupons
  • avoid convenience foods which cost more and are often heavily processed

Link to government assistance programs for aid buying food.( SNAP, WIC).

What are power foods ? And how do I get my kid to eat them ?

  • green leafy veggies
  • whole grains 
  • colorful berries
  • low-fat dairy
  • eggs
  • nuts
  • beans
  • lean beef

See weblinks page for sites with healthy recipes.

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